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The Problem The Problem The Solution The Founder The Progress What are the problems
our product is going to address?

Automated Blockchain based QR Payment System for cars with real time confirmations
The Solution The Problem The Solution The Founder The Progress Connect your car or other autonomous devices to your phone and get real time confirmations with automated payments.

The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us.
I put up my thoughts and created QRGen. The experience most certainly changes your perspective with QRGen.

Now QRGen is the first qr code confirmation analytics app with real time confirmations for automated car payments.

QRGen Technology is presenting the first of its kind App that allows real-time tracking of the QR codes generated by you.
You can track the scan count of any QR that you generate and also view the entire list of people that scanned it.

The Founder The Problem The Solution The Founder The Progress The Founder is visionary and principal for this project, he graduated at a Business School in Germany in 2010. Interested in technology, art and nature. Since 2017 talked to a lot of influental personalities in the Blockchain and Tech Space. The Progress The Problem The Solution The Founder THE PROGRESS The QRgen App (Android Beta)
was first released in May 2019.

I see as a vertical project, creating something new where nothing previously existed. Vertical Progress is far more difficult, as humans struggle to imagine things that do not exist yet. At a macro Level this is "technoglogy" - new and innovative ways of doing things.

Blockchain implemantation will take time, but it is on the way and will turn out as the first Blockchain based QR Payment System for cars.

Achieving a more secure and reliable connection between centralization and decentralization to ensure that the benefits of the Blockchain and user experience is balanced.

Our way of approaching things is pretty amazing.

Project 4 Scan QRs
Scan any type of QR created by any QR code generator with ease.

Scan QRGEN.APP QR's to
send realtime confirmations.
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Project 2 Real-time Analytics
Get access to real time scan counts for every QR generated by you. Download App
Project 3 Customizable QRs
Create custom QRs with the colors and logo of your choice. Find your style. Download App
Analytics Customize Scan Core Features

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The Project recently got some Attention.
QRGen still needs funding to realize adoption.

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